Wireline Retrievable Safety Valve (WLRSV)

Wireline-Retrievable Safety Valves

STAR Wireline-Retrievable Safety Valves offer premium features similar to a tubing retrievable safety valve and are landed in safety valve landing nipples that are equipped with a control line connected to the surface control system. This configuration enables the safety valve to be easily retrieved for repair or maintenance. When assembled to a wireline lock, the assembly can be installed in a safety valve nipple. Hydraulic control line connects the safety valve nipple to the surface emergency shut-down system. Loss of control line pressure will close the valve and shut-in the well. These wireline valves are premium valves due to the use of non-elastomeric seal material, metal-to-metal housing threads, high tensile strength metallurgy, and unique HP/HT packing and piston seal stacks when required by the application. These design features are imperative when considering applications for big bore, high temperature, high pressure, extremely corrosive, and hostile.

Features and Benefit

  • Equalizing feature
  • Large bore design
  • Non-elastomeric dynamic seal assembly
  • The lock profile enables completion optimization without restriction to standard sealbore sizes
  • Easy field operation
  • 10,000-psi working pressure


  • Production and injection wells

Technical Data

Tubing SizeTubing WeightValve IDNipple Seal Bore
2 3/860.34.66.850.7519.051.87547.63
2 7/873.06.49.521.1328.582.31258.72
3 1/
4 1/2114.312.618.752.1253.853.81296.82
5 1/2139.71725.302.5665.024.562115.87

* Other profile and seal bore size available depending on tubing size selected and request.

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