Sliding Side Door

Side Door Sleeve SDS

Side Door Sleeve SDS is used together tubing which when open, allows flow between the well tubing and the annular area. Which can be opened or closed by standard slickline methods to gain communication between the tubing/casing annulus. It is designed with a landing nipple profile in the top sub, packing bores in both the top and bottom sub, and a non-elastomer seal package and with full tubing flow through the nipple and the sleeve.

This circulation & production sleeve is installed as an integral part of the main tubing string and any number of pieces can be run in a single tubing string. It can be run in either the open or closed position.  The closing sleeve may be placed in three positions: open, equalizing, or closed. This operation is done with a positioning tool attached to a standard slickline tool string.

Technical Data

Tubing SizeTubing WeightTubing IDSeal Bore
2 3/860.34.66.851.99550.671.87547.63
2 7/873.06.49.522.44162.002.31258.72
3 1/
4 1/2114.312.618.753.958100.533.81296.82

* Other seal bore size available depending on tubing size selected.

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