PPS-2 Packer

PPS-2 Wireline & Hydro Setting Tool Set Permanent Packer

The Star PPS-2 Packer is designed to set in the well casing to divert casing-to-tubing flow. It is either hydraulically set with the hydraulic setting tool with tubing string pressure or the E-line setting tool. The PPS-2 packer is mechanically moved and locked in the set position by the internal slip. An external set of opposing slips holds the packer against downward and upward forces. The removal of packer is by drill or milled out.  The packer is designed with a left hand seal bore compatible with Sur Latch seal assemblies and the bottom sub thread is compatible with a mill-out extension or with a seal bore extension. The Packer is designed to be milled if removal from the wellbore required. Firstly remove the Sur-latch seal nipple from packer by tubing string, right-hand rotation with tension on the tubing to disengage the Sur-Latch from the packer head.

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