MRT Retrieving Tool

STAR MRT retrieving tools are is a latch type retrieving tool used to retrieve ABV packers. To retrieve the packer, the retrieving tool is run on a work string, stung into the packer bore, and latched into the packer. Once latched, downward set down engage the packer’s release sleeve and upward moves to release. Additional upward movement of the work string sheared releases the sleeve and moves the packer mandrel upward, which permits the packer slips to retract and pick up the packer to be retrieved.

For emergency release, continue straight pull will shear the shear screws in the spring  housing and allow shear ring to move by spring to push the spring housing downward and collapse the dogs inward, this allow the retrieving tool free to rotate out and pull back from the hole.

Features and Benefits

  • No rotation is required for pulling operation
  • Straight-through ID allows washing down to the packer
  • Easy to release: 1/4 turn on lug-type tools, and six to eight turns on an acme tool

Rugged lug-type design engages the release sleeve.

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