Tubing Retrievable Safety Valves (TRSV)

Tubing Retrievable Safety Valves

Starpetrotech Type Tubing Retrievable Safety Valves are self-equalizing, flapper type safety valves designed to shut in a well at a point below the surface. The safety valve is a surface controlled subsurface safety valve and is normally closed. The valve is held open by hydraulic control pressure and remains open until the control-line pressure is exhausted. The hydraulic control pressure is transmitted from a remote location through a control line to operate the valve. The valves are value engineered to provide long-lasting, safe, and reliable operation.

Rod Piston Safety Valves are designed and built for performance and reliability. The rugged hydraulic actuator of the safety valve provides durability and isolates the internal workings from well fluids through its unique construction. The metal-to-metal sealing integrity in the body joints and closure mechanism places it in a premium valve category while featuring an economical price. The simple, compact design enhances the valve’s overall reliability and provides for trouble-free operation. Rod piston safety valves are available with working pressure rating to 10,000psi.

Single Rod Piston Safety Valves are used a single rod piston with reliable spring-energized, no-elastomer dynamic seals; a static, full-closed, metal to metal seal. The valves are designed for general production with enhanced reliability and long life. The valves provide reduced OD, premium piston system, deep set design and many other optional features. Single Rod piston safety valves are available with working pressure rating to 10000psi and always be used in the wells with extreme downhole conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple, compact design
  • Single Rod Piston type with Non-elastomer dynamic piston seals
  • Rod Piston type with unique hydraulic actuation(single-piece piston/flow tube)
  • Metal-to-metal seal in closed position
  • Positive debris barrier at both ends of flow tube
  • Flapper sealing verified to sand service (no resilient seal required)
  • Minimized potential leak paths
  • Optimum reliability
  • Superior well containment and safety
  • Low friction, smooth operation
  • Critical component isolated from well environment
  • Enhanced debris isolation and tolerance


  • General production completion
  • Hostile well environments in compatible with elastomer

Technical Data

Tubing SizeMax.ODInternal Packing BorePressure Rating
2 3/860.33.7093.381.87547.635,00034.5
2 7/873.04.65118.112.125-2.31253.98-58.725,00034.5
3 1/288.95.20132.082.562-2.81265.07-71.425,00034.5
4 1/2114.36.73170.943.750-3.81295.25-96.825,00034.5
5 1/2139.77.65-9.50**194.31-241.34.313-4.75 #rowspan#5000-1000034.5-68.9
7177.88.375-10.50**212.7-266.75.75-6.00 #rowspan#5000-1000034.5-68.9

* Other profile and seal bore size available depending on tubing size selected and request.
** Depend on material and pressure rating.

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