PPS-3 Packer

PPS-3 Wireline & Hydro Setting Tool Set Permanent Packer

The Star PPS-3 Packer is designed to set in the well casing to divert casing-to-tubing flow. It is either hydraulically set with the STH-1 hydraulic setting tool with tubing string pressure or the E-line setting tool. The PPS-3 packer is mechanically moved and locked in the set position by the internal slip. An external set of opposing slips holds the packer against downward and upward forces. The removal of packer is by drill or milled out.

The packer is run to a predetermined depth, a ball is circulated down the string to seal in the STH-1 setting tool catcher sub assembly, or E-line method. Pressure is applied down the tubing string and enters the ports in the STH-1 setting tool. The pressure acts against the piston shearing the start-to-set screws. Shear pins in the setting sleeve, forcing the bottom wedge to move down into the bottom slip. Continues downward movement of the setting sleeve compress the elements, break the upper slip and  pull the packer body to move upward, this further compressed the elements and seal off the body OD and casing ID, forcing the upper and lower slips further expanded and the teeth bitted into the casing ID.

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