PRH-2 Packer

PRH-2 Hydraulic Set Retrievable Packer

The Star PRH-2 Packer is a retrievable single-string packer which is designed to be set by plugging the tubing below the packer and applying internal pressure. The packer is retrieved by simply raising the tubing string to shear the release shear pins.

The packer does not require mandrel movement to establish a full set which makes it suitable for multi-packer installations. The packer is capable of hanging heavy tailpipe loads in the casing and is available with selective-set mechanisms.

The packer is suitable for production and injection installations. In addition, service applications such as stimulation and tubing-conveyed perforating operations may also be carried out using this packer taking special precautions to prevent premature shear of the release pins.

Features and Benefit

  • Field proved reliable
  • Designed for deep or deviated wells
  • Production and Injection application
  • Designed for high tensile loads
  • Internal locking mechanism
  • Protected from pre-setting when RIH
  • upper set of pressure actuated button slips holds the packer set against differential

Pressure from below and Standard slips below the elements to bite into the casing

  • Lower setting pressure
  • Prevents both upward and downward movement
  • Straight pull to release
  • Field adjustable the setting pressure and shear release
  • Standard 7.5ksi rate


  • Single or multi-packer production completions
  • Production and injection wells
  • Frac and stimulation jobs

Technical Data

Casing SizeCasing WeightMax ODMin ID
5 1/2139.7013-1719.35-25.304.62117.351.9349.02
7 5/8193.6824-29.735.72-44.206.63168.402.9073.66
9 5/8244.4836-4053.57-59.538.63219.202.9073.66

* Other ID available depending on tubing size selected.
* Other casing sizes available depending on request.

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