Pulling Tool

Pulling Tool

The ‘S’ Type Pulling Tools is designed to engage tool with external fishing necks e.g. Rope Sockets, Stems, Equalizing Prongs, Tools design to shear and release by downward jar action, it can be pinned with aluminium, brass or steel shear pins.

There are three types of tools differ by their core length, which is selected to give the desired reach:

  • Type ‘SB’       – Long Core / Short Reach
  • Type ‘SS’        – Short Core / Long Reach
  • Type ‘SM’      – Intermediate Core / Medium Reach

All other parts are identical and interchangeable.

Upon reaching the depth, the sit down weight of the toolstring on the device will be sufficient to engage & pull, if necessary, pick up and follow with a light downward jar to engage.

Note:   Downward jarring at this stage should be kept to a minimum to avoid premature shearing.

Due to the design of the tool, the downward force produced by the jarring action, is exerted through the pulling tool cylinder (skirt) and, in turn, through the shear pin. The core must therefore remain stationery and the cylinder must move downwards in relation to the core in order to shear the pin.

A feature of ‘S’ series Pulling Tool is its ability to sustain upward jarring without releasing. In certain operations when only downward jarring to release is required, the tool can be used for running operations. 


The “J” Series Pulling Tool, through minor component changes, is a shear down or shear up releasing tool used in pulling subsurface devices which have external fishing necks. To

accommodate the many different types of devices, the core of the “J” Series tools is made in various lengths and can be changed in the field.

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