Safety Valve Landing Nipple

Safety Valve Landing Nipple

STAR Safety Valve Landing Nipples are used to accommodate wireline retrievable sub surface safety valves. These nipples have a locking recess and a hydraulic communication port located between the two polished bores. This nipple features an integral control line connection port which operates Sub Surface Safety Valve. The nipple is a one-piece construction, manufactured from bar stock and contains the highly successful, field-proven lock profile.

Features and Benefit

  • Large ID
  • Offered in various combinations of lock profiles
  • The lock profile enables completion optimization without restriction to standard seal bore sizes
  • Manufactured from bar stock with an eccentric machine slug containing the control-line connection
  • The nipple is constructed without welding, providing homogeneous material properties
  • The 10,000-psi (68.9-MPa) working pressure with standard materials 9Cr or 13Cr, other materials available on request ensure application versatility


  • Production and injection wells

Technical Data

Tubing SizeTubing WeightODPacking Bore
2 3/860.34.66.853.4086.361.87547.63
2 7/873.06.49.524.22107.192.31258.72
3 1/
4 1/2114.312.618.755.56141.223.81296.82

*Other profile and packing bore size available depending on tubing size selected and request.

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