Travel Joints

Travel Joints

Travel Joints are made up in the tubing string and run into the well with packers and other down hole flow control equipments, and provide alternate methods of compensating for tubing contraction and elongation in producing, injection, and disposal wells. The travel joint are pinned in the closed, mid, or extended position before running. They also are keyed to prevent future rotation. The joints without keys are used when tubing torque below the joint is not required.

These travel joints can be pinned at any point in the stroke. The release value can be varied by the number of shear screws and can be sheared by tension or compression.

Features and Benefits

  • Compensating tubing moving in various conditions
  • Adjusted shear value
  • Can be locked in open, mid-stroke, or closed positions
  • ID of the tool is compatible with tubing ID
  • Rotation is available by keyed type

Technical Data

2 7/873.034.28108.712.4261.47103.05
3 1/288.904.78121.412.9073.66103.05
4 1/2114.305.80147.323.8898.55103.05

*Other sizes available depending on tubing size selected and request.

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