Communication Tool

Communication Tool

The Communication Tool is designed to land in the nipple profile of the Rod-Piston type Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valve (TRSV) and create a communication hole between the ID of the TRSV and its hydraulic piston bore. This allows a wireline retrievable insert valve to be installed into the profile of the TRSV and be operated by same control line attached to the TRSV. Prior to running the communication tool, the TRSV must be opened and locked out by the appropriate lockout tool. Refer to the TRSV design specifications for the proper lockout tool.

The communication tool is designed to locate at the nipple profile, set, orient, and perforate by downward jarring actions. A change in control-line pressure indicates the valve is successfully perforated. The tool can then be removed from the nipple of the TRSV by jarring upward.

The communication tool is designed with safety features that allow perforating when tool is properly set in the nipple and aligned with the piston bore.

The communication tool consists functionally of three activations:

  • Setting the lock
  • Orienting the tool
  • Communicating the hydraulic chamber of the TRSV
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