PRH-3 Packer

PRH-3 Hydraulic Set Retrievable Packer

STAR PRH-3 packer is a hydraulic-set retrievable single-string packer which is design for high pressure, large ID or TCP applications. The packer allows multiple bores or control line feed –through.

Except straight-shear release features, the PRH-3 packer can be set up cut to release which is use to high pressure or heavy tailpipe. The cage slip, which distributes the packer to casing loads more.

Features and Benefits

  • Field proved reliable
  • Production and Injection application
  • Large ID
  • Single piece mandrel
  • No mandrel movement for multi zone stacked packer application
  • Single trip capability
  • Multiple bores or control line feed–through
  • Straight pull to release or cut to release
  • Used in high pressure, large ID or TCP well condition
  • Field adjustable the setting pressure and shear release
  • Upper tubing connection or Latch head


  • Single or multi-packer production completions
  • Production and injection wells
  • TCP
  • Production and injection wells

Technical Data

Casing SizeCasing WeightPacker ODPacker ID
5 1/2139.7013-1719.34-25.304.71119.632.8973.41
7 5/8193.6829.7-3944.20-58.036.43163.323.9299.57
9 5/8244.4840-4759.53-69.948.48215.394.88123.95

* Other ID available depending on tubing size selected.
* Other casing sizes available depending on request.

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