IPP HPP Open Hole Packer

HPP Dual Element Open Hole Anchor / IPP Isolation Packer

The STAR HPP open hole packer is designed to be run in either cased or open hole applications in vertical or horizontal wells for multi-stage frac application. The Anchor Packer incorporates a one piece bi-directional slip system in order to help prevent movement during higher pressure operations whereby the Isolation Packer is a non-anchoring packer. The Anchor can be ran as a single zone application packer or ran in conjunction with several packers in a multiple zone completion. Typically, on multiple zone horizontal open hole applications the Anchor packer would be used as the toe packer and/or the liner hanger packer. Durable construction and reliability makes the Packer and the excellent alternatives to using inflatable packers.

Features and Benefits

  • Dual Element to Seal reliable
  • Outer components locked to prevent pre-set
  • Anchor packer incorporates a bi-directional slip system
  • Field adjustable setting pressure
  • Field adjustable shear release
  • Designed for cased hole or open hole
  • Available with carbide slips
  • Available in a wide range of materials and connections
  • Available with premium elastomers
  • Vertical/horizontal applications
  • Standard 10ksi rate
  • Field proved reliable

Technical Data

Max O.D.Min I.D.STD Connection
4.282108.762.3860.302 7/8 EUE73.0
5.690144.533.0076.203 1/2EUE88.9
5.690144.533.8597.794 1/2 LTC114.3
6.822173.284.85123.195 1/2 LTC139.7

*Check with STAR for other sizes.

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