Open Hole Reamer

Open Hole Reamer

The STAR Open Hole Reamer is generally run in order to dress out the open hole before installing STAR Multi-Stage Frac systems.

The Reamer is a rigid heavy duty one-piece tool with 2 sets of 12 opposing tungsten carbide capped spiraled blades with an OD close to hole tolerances in order to best prepare the well bore ID properly before running Multi-Stage Frac systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy duty one piece design
  • 2 sets of 12 tungsten carbide blades
  • Close O.D. to open hole tolerance

Technical Data

Max O.D.Min I.D.STD Connection
4.650118.111.5038.12 7/8 IF73.03
5.950151.132.0050.83 1/2 IF88.90
6.000152.402.0050.83 1/2 IF88.90
7.700195.582.0050.83 1/2 IF88.90
8.500215.903.0076.24 IF101.60

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