STH-1 Setting Tool

STAR HST hydraulic setting tool is used to set ABV packer. The HST tool is attached to the top sub of the packer by pins or by the left hand thread by rotational. The set of lugs latches into the setting sleeve of the packer.

When without a lower plugging device in the tailpipe the large internal by-pass allows fluid to enter the work string eliminating the need to fill the work string while running in the hole. If there is tailpipe assembly such as the Multi-Stage Frac system with some type of float shoe or other type of plugging device is in place then it may be necessary to fill while running in the hole.

Once the packer has reached the desired depth, the tripping ball is dropped to land in ball seat circulation valve. Field adjustable differential pressure is applied activating a hydraulic chamber stroking the setting Tool against the packer which engages the slips and energizes the elements. There is a secondary ball seat within the setting tool if required.

Once the packer is set, annual pressure test can be performed. The HST setting tool is released with a combination of right hand rotation while holding tension, or continue pressure the running string to hydraulic to release.

Features and Benefits

  • Left hand thread connection allows heavy tail pipe weight
  • Right hand rotate release and hydraulic release are available
  • Anti-preset design
  • Two stage ball seat permits reset the packer

Technical Data

Casing SizePacker BoreMax  O.D.Min  I.D.STD Connection
7177.83.8898.555.70144.782.2557.153 1/2 IF88.9
7177.84.00101.65.70144.783.0076.203 1/2 IF88.9
9 5/8244.56.00152.408.02203.712.2557.154 1/2 IF114.3

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