Running/Pulling Tool

‘GS’ Type Running/Pulling Tool

The ‘GS’ Type Running/Pulling Tool is designed to engage with the internal fishing necks e.g. Lock Mandrel and to shear and release by downward jar action.

On reaching the working depth, the weight of the toolstring bears down on the device to be pulled and, if necessary, is backed up by the light downward far. On locating the device to be pulled the dogs of the ‘GS’ Type Running/Pulling Tool automatically engage by their upward movement over the tapered core.

This allows the dogs to retract and enter the recessed pulling neck. Once in the recess, a spring forced the dogs down over the taper and out onto the Lock Mandrel’s fish neck. As the fish neck has a restricted diameter, the dogs are securely locked in the Lock Mandrel and upward Jarring can commence.

Note: Downward jarring at this stage should be kept to a minimum to avoid premature shearing.

Due to the design of the tool, the downward force produced by the jarring action, is exerted through the pulling tool core and, in turn, through the shear pin. The cylinder must therefore remain stationery and the core must move downwards in relation to the cylinder in order to shear the pin. The tool cannot be sheared if the tool is resting on the debris etc.

A feature of ‘GS’ Type Running/Pulling Tool is its ability to sustain upward jarring without releasing. In certain circumstances, the tool can be used in running operations when fitted with appropriate prong.

‘GU’ Adaptor

The ‘GU’ Adaptor is designed to convert a ‘GS’ Type Running/Pulling Tool to a ‘GR’ Type Running Pulling Tools in which the ‘GU’/’GR’ assembly will then be used in operations where release by upward jar action is required.

GS PULLING TOOL Technical Data

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