King Frac System

King Frac™ System

The King Frac™ System delivers unprecedented flexibility for multistage completions. There is no practical limit to the number or spacing of stages. It also isolates and stimulates multiple stages in a single trip on coiled tubing and is typically used in Cased hole. This Hydraulic Jet Frac System works in both horizontal and vertical wellbores. Tool string depth is correlated to desired perforation depth by using a mechanical casing coupling locator. Starting with the lowest stage, the Packer is set to isolate the zone from wellbore below the packer. Then the abrasive slurry is pumped down the coiled tubing string to the Hydraulic Jet Unit. The high-velocity jets cut through the casing and cement and into the formation. After perforating, a leading-edge fluid such acid can be circulated or injected down the coiled tubing/casing annulus. Then the frac is also pumped down the annulus. If screenout occurs, excess sand can be quickly reverse circulated out. Finally, a pull on the coiled tubing unsets the packer, which is then moved up to the next perforation point, where the sequence is repeated.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple design and most efficient
  • Unlimited stages and spacing
  • Precise frac location
  • Water and chemical reservation
  • Unrestricted, production-ready wellbore after frac.
  • When annular fracturing, the coiled tubing serves as a deadleg for monitoring actual pressure at the frac point to assist in adjusting pad size, sand concentration and ramp, fluid viscosity and pump pressure in real time
  • When screenout occurs, excess sand can be quickly reverse-circulated out without tripping out of the hole
  • Equalizing valve allows movement without flowing the well
  • Hydraulic disconnect unit enables emergency release
  • Less hydraulic horsepower needed
  • 5 minutes between Fracs. The simple operation of the Multistage Unlimited system cuts the time between fracs to as little as 5 minutes.

Less equipment, less exhaust, smaller footprint. Environmentally friendly fracturing

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