Open Hole Centralizer

Open Hole Centralizer

The STAR Open Hole Centralizer is mainly used with STAR Open Hole Packers, generally as part of the STAR Multi-Stage Frac System. The Centralizer helps to protect the packers from damage during equipment installation in the open hole section of the well bore as well as helping to centralize the packers during the setting procedure. The Centralizer freely swivels to allow for rotation when running in the hole if required and has spiraled grooves to ensure good circulation.

Features and Benefits

  • Helps prevent running damage
  • Centralizes when setting
  • Available in composite or steel
  • Swivels to allow for tool string rotation

Technical Data

Open Hole SizeMax O.D.STD Connection
6118.115.8147.323 1/2 EUE88.9
6 1/8155.585.812147.623 1/2 EUE88.9
6 1/8155.585.812147.624 1/2 LTC114.3
6 1/4195.585.93150.623 1/2 EUE88.9
6 1/4151.135.93150.624 1/2 LTC114.3
7 7/8200.037.5190.55 1/2 LTC139.7
8 1/2215.98.16207.266 5/8 LTC168.3

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