PFS Ball-Activated Frac Sleeve

PFS Ball-Activated Frac Sleeve

The STAR PFS Ball-Activated Frac Sleeve is designed for selectively stimulating multiple zones in either open or cased hole applications. The Ball-Activated can be used in either vertical or horizontal wells usually in conjunction with the Hydro-Activated Frac Sleeve and FPP Packers. The Ball-Activated Frac Sleeve is activated by circulating a ball into a drillable seat inside the tool. Applied differential pressure from above the ball seat shifts the internal piston downward opening up the frac ports. The Ball-Activated sleeve has an internal locking mechanism keeping the piston locked securely in place after it has been shifted. The standard Ball-Activated piston is made out of an easily drillable material.

Features and Benefits

  • Field adjustable opening pressure
  • Internal locking mechanism
  • Suitable for high pressure applications
  • Designed for horizontal and vertical applications
  • Designed for multiple zone applications
  • Easily drillable ball seat
  • Available in a wide range of materials and connections

Technical Data

Max O.D.Min I.D.STD Connection
4.282108.762.5063.502 7/8 EUE73.0
5.690144.533.0076.203 1/2 EUE88.9
5.690144.533.8798.304 1/2 LTC114.3
6.822173.285.00127.005 1/2 LTC139.7

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