Self-Release Cementing Stage Tool

Self-Release Cementing Stage Tool

The Self-Release Cementing Stage Tool is used in stage cementing applications. With featured self-released mechanical design, the innards of the tool can be released and free falling to bottom of the well, thus full bore is achieved and drill out operation is eliminated.  This technology saves both time and money, and reduces intervention risk.

Features and Benefits

  • Free-falling of the opening and closing seat after cementing eliminates drill-out operation
  • Rugged design with high dependability
  • Opening and closing pressure indication
  • Special shear screw design ensures the sheared screws remaining in the relative components
  • Special mechanism prevents premature closing
  • Free-falling opening cone & pump-down opening cone & ball are available for opening the stage tool
  • Can used with annular casing packer


  • Full bore after stage cementing without drilling out

Technical Data

Casing SizeMax. ODMin. ID

(Opening  and  Closing Seat Released)
Standard Connection
5 1/2139.76.589167.364.545115.445 ½ BTC, LTC
7177.87.6771955.5121407 BTC, LTC

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